Spring?! What spring?

Happy spring!


Spring?! What spring?

Is it spring or still at a cross between spring and winter? For most of the United States, it is still a cross between the two seasons and most likely will stay that way for a while. The weather pattern isn’t changing any time soon. What pattern is that? That pattern is that temperatures will remain below average with precipitation being above average.

What does that mean? It means that we will be stuck in a February-March like pattern for most of April. Yes, that means there could still be an occasional snow storm or two and nights near or below freezing.

Am I overly concerned with this pattern? Not in the slightest. I’m still hoping for some decent weather, especially late in the month and into May.

Hang in there. It can only get better, right?


Aren’t Children the Future?

It makes me sad, angry, frustrated, defeated, whatever you want to call it when I see adults attacking children for trying to stand up for what they believe in. Do we still live in the time period where kids are supposed to be seen, but never heard from?

My Father taught me that no matter how young or old I am, always fight for what you believe in. Even if I am alone in it.

I love (sarcasm) reading comments that say that kids don’t know any better or know what they are standing up for. I’m willing to bet they do because they hear it from their friends and/or family.

We should be helping the children learn more as they go along. After all, they are our future.

Whoever said time heals all was not telling the truth.

Whoever said time heals all was not telling the truth.

It’s been five years since you left us and I still think about you today. You were a great friend and someone I know I could turn to for a quick laugh when I needed it.

I loved saying hey to you at Sherando, our trip to Europe was a blast, and getting to see you while I came home from Frostburg was always a nice treat. The night we all went to BDubs after my fall semester Junior year at FSU was a blast.

Then, tragedy struck. I’ll never forget where I was when I got word what happened. It was the day before the Super Bowl, I was out with some friends at school and then I was told what happened.

The drive home to see everyone was the longest drive home ever. I missed my original turnoff because I wanted to gather my thoughts.

Still today, I don’t know what to say. I guess all I can say is, thanks for being a great friend Aaron. I miss you. Tell everyone hi from me.


What a joke.

The following rant is my opinion and just my opinion.

What a joke.

The Redskins and Chiefs made a trade around 9:45pmEST last night to send Kendall Fuller of Washington plus some other items to Kansas City for Alex Smith plus other items.


The Redskins traded away one of the best young corner’s in the game right now for a veteran Quarterback who still really hasn’t proved himself just yet. I like the guy (Smith), but he just doesn’t fit well into the Washington offense. Not only that, he is leaving behind a great group of Receivers and Tight Ends that Washington does not have.

What does this mean for Kirk Cousins? Easy. This means his time is up. Dan Snyder, I hope you see this because you just got rid of a guy who, for the last three seasons set records left and right that seemed untouchable. And at a young age too, mind you. I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind this trade.

So tell me again, why is this a good thing?

What a joke.


Riddle me this; why do people put the blame on certain events on the President when he has nothing to do with it?

All I’ve seen on my time here is, “Thanks, Obama” or “Trump’s fault”. How exactly did they cause the event to happen?

Or better yet, when there is a feel good story, someone has to bring one of them up.

This is why we will never see eye to eye and get our major problems solved.

I may not like a certain President or person, but you don’t see me blaming them. Do you?

The frustration builds.

Lately at work, I have been feeling kind of frustrated with how things have been going.

While I am still regarded as one of the hardest workers in the building, I feel like outside of that, I am not the same person. I get constantly heckled for silly stuff, my coworkers like to think I’m crazy, and at times, I just don’t feel like me. There have been times where I have came out there very annoyed and frustrated. For a few nights a while back, I just wanted to cry when I left work. Normally I am not like that.

Maybe it’s time I think about leaving Virginia and trying somewhere new. I have some friends that live down south that would love to see me since it has been a while since we have seen each other. Maybe if nothing else, I can just stay to myself and see if anything changes.

Oh well. Whatever happens, happens.


Happy Holidays!

First off, I want to apologize for not writing a post in a while. We are back into our slow period at work, so expect more posts to come your way.

Now, onto your regularly scheduled programming.

I want to take a moment here and wish all of you a joyous holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, another holiday, or you don’t celebrate anything, I hope you guys can find some peace with friends, family, and other loved ones.

My only request is, please check on the ones that suffer through a mental illness during this time period. Sometimes they get wrapped up in their emotions and it hurts deep inside.

You guys have made this year a great year for this blog and next year will be better. I promise.

Please be safe out there and I love you all. I hope that someday I can do some traveling and maybe I’ll come meet you.

God Bless,
Chris 🙂

United States soccer/football. What does it hold in its future?

One week ago yesterday, the United States Men’s National Team failed to qualify for its eighth consecutive World Cup as they fell to Trinidad and Tobago 2-1 in Couva. All the Yanks needed to do was either get a win or a draw and they would be in. This loss meant that the United States would be sitting at home for the first time since (Mexico) 1986 to watch the finals.

Just a few days after that, head coach/manager Bruce Arena resigned from the team, but this should come to no surprise to anyone as he wanted to take the men to the finals and then leave after that.

The two big questions that remain after this are simple. What does the future hold for the USMNT and will soccer/football continue to grow despite this failure?

First question; What does the future hold? That is a tough question because if it were up to me, I would find someone who can find talent away from M(ajor) L(eague) S(occer) because it seems like lately, a lot of the MLS talent just isn’t there. There are players around the world playing in other leagues who are doing just as well, if not better then these guys and I would like to see some of them get a call up.

Second question; Will the sport continue to grow? I absolutely think it will. The sport is one of the most affordable (to pick up) as a child and while camps and youth leagues can be a challenge (both money and distance), it can still teach the young ones some valuable lessons. I played for a while when I was younger and I loved it. I still love playing it today and teaching young kids what I know.

What do I want to see now? I want to see a coach/manager come in with experience abroad come in and I want to see President Gulati resign. I understand that the women have won three World Cups, but their last showing in the Olympics was pretty embarrassing and I will talk about that later.

I however, will never stop rooting for the Red, White, and Blue, and neither should you. These are our fellow countrymen. Cheer them on and continue to give them your full support.

Frostburg Football. Here we go.


As we are now under two days until the biggest game of the season, I thought it would be fun to count down the top five games I saw while I was at Frostburg State. Yes, we had a losing record each year I was there, but I saw some great games and saw some exciting moments. And yes, I went to almost every home game no matter the weather.

#5: September 4th, 2010 vs. Geneva. While this was a loss, this was an exciting game because it showed me that even with a lot of turnovers, you can still squeak out a win. What was the season opener for both sides, Geneva looked like they were in midseason form, but FSU kept up with them throughout the game. The Golden Tornadoes may have beaten the Bobcats on the scoreboard and in the stat sheet, but it was a thriller as FSU was able to get it within one score with less than two minutes to go, but just couldn’t get the onside kick to set up a drive to get the game winning score. Geneva 32, Frostburg 27.

#4: October 31st, 2009 vs. (D2) UNC Pembroke. This game was a mismatch from the start, but I thoroughly enjoyed this game because I got to watch a Division 2 Top 25 school come to my school and put on a great show. The Braves held the Bobcats to under one hundred yards of total offense and played phenomenal all game. It was only a 7-0 Braves lead after the first quarter which was a shock to both Braves and Bobcat fans alike. While it may have been rainy and yucky, it still made for a great day at the stadium, and a great time with friends afterwards. UNC Pembroke 52, Frostburg 7.

#3: September 17th, 2011 vs. Utica. This game had many emotions going into it. This was the first home game since the tragic passing of Derek Sheely. It was a white out which was a nice touch, and did the Bobcats come to play this day. The offense was very balanced and the Pioneers had no chance pretty much as the Bobcats controlled the clock three of the four quarters. Granted it was only a 16-14 lead for FSU at the half, but in the 2nd half, they took full control of the game and never looked back. This one was for you Derek. Frostburg 44, Utica 24.

#2: September 1st, 2012 vs. Geneva. Yes, I have brought the Golden Tornadoes back into this, but this one was a thriller at Mountain Ridge High School. As the construction of Bobcat Stadium continued, FSU played their first game at MRHS and the fireworks really came out during this one. 73 First Downs, Only 6 punts, 1275 yards, and 109 points when you add certain stats up for both sides. The best part was one of the final plays of the game; Anthony Young caught a touchdown pass with ten seconds to go to lift FSU to the win. Little did I know what I would see a few weeks later with Baylor and WVU when it came to a point total. Frostburg 56, Geneva 53.

And #1. October 22nd, 2011 (Homecoming) vs. Alfred. Wow. Just wow. I still think about this game from time to time. It was the greatest game on turf that weekend, it made the front page of d3football.com, and it was Homecoming! Forty points combined were scored in the second quarter alone in the 2nd quarter and the game was sent into overtime after a 42 yard field goal by Jonathan Adams as time expired in the 4th. After a touchdown and a failed point after by the Saxons in the 2nd overtime, Frostburg marched down the field and not only got a touchdown, but converted their point after. Still to this day, I get asked why we (the fans…or me) didn’t storm the field afterwards. We were told we could have, but oh well. Frostburg 54, Alfred 53. Double OT.

Still to this day, they (The football team) thank me for coming every weekend no matter the weather. They were a great group of guys and a better group of friends.