Where’s the good news?

When I was younger, I looked forward to reading about the good things that happened in the world to people just like you and me. Whether it be helping someone out when they needed it, or there was a fundraiser that went way beyond their expected goals, or just a touching story about two long lost family members meeting for the first time.

Today though, that time is no longer here. Now it’s all about ISIS, the Confederate Flag and Confederate monuments, Cecil the Lion, and other bad news that happens every second here on Earth. Even when you think you are about to hear a good story, it has a twist and it actually is a bad story. For an example, two kids setting up a lemonade stand only for it to be taken down because they needed a business permit.

There will be good news on occasion, but it just isn’t enough to make the bad news go away.

I just wonder at times, why do we have so much bad news today? Are we so afraid to make people happy? Are we that politically correct that if we report on something good, we may offend someone because of the topic?

Sometimes I just miss the old days too much.


Are we too dependent on our smart phones?

Before you even ask, yes, I have a smart phone. No, I am not dependent on it. More times than not, it either stays in my car while I am at work or it stays right by it’s charger when it is not in use.

It really amazes me today how many people I see that are dependent on their phones. Everywhere you go, people have their noses down reading some sort of article or something and not paying attention to where they are going. When groups of friends hang out, more times than not, they are playing more with their phones than they are hanging out and talking. Isn’t the point of seeing your friends getting to see one another and catch up?

Another thing I catch onto is, when someone asks you to do something on a computer, you get a strange look back like, “What’s a computer?” or “Do I have to?”. I’ll be honest, 95% of the work and leisure I do, still happens on a computer. Yeah, I will look information up on my smart phone, but that is only when I am not near my computer.

The final thing I catch onto is, kids and the smart phone. You give a smart phone to any kid today and they will know how to work it. If not that, they have one already. Why? I understand times are changing and parents are very edgy about where their kids are, but your kid does not need a smart phone. Give them an old cell phone (yes, I mean flip or slider phone) and let them use that. If they can handle that, then get them a smart phone. Oh and age does make a difference. I would wait until they get into middle school to give them a phone. If that. I didn’t get my first cell phone until my Freshmen year at Sherando (High School).

You may agree or disagree with me and that’s fine. That’s the point of these posts.

Aren’t athletes human too?

Every day, an athlete goes out of his way to help a group of people when they need the most and yet, more times than not, that said athlete gets a bunch of criticism for it.


Athletes do not need to spend twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, all three hundred sixty five (or sixty six) days on the field or watching film, getting ready for a game, or working out. They are human just like you and me. They are out giving back to the community and doing projects with other groups. If you are one of those people that think athletes should focus more on their sport and nothing else, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Think about it. Should you be working all day, every day, and all year without doing the things you love? For me, I may work 4pm-12:30am Monday-Friday, but I try and get out and do the things I love. Even though I don’t take off work any, I make sure I still do what I like to do while I am not at work.  Yes, I do have a life outside of work despite not taking any days off. I know that may be hard to believe.

So think about it. The next time you criticize an athlete for not focusing on their sport, put yourself in their shoes. Do you focus all your time on work, or do you balance it out?

Offensive much?

Let me ask you something, are you offended by something?

If you answered yes, then that wouldn’t surprise me.

It seems like ever since the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, people finding items to take offense to has been on the increase. Everything ranging from the Confederate flag to the New Orleans Saints logo to a cake.

Yes, you read that right. A cake. A lady at Costco did not like how a cake turned out for her son’s birthday because she thought the legs on the dinosaur looked like the number “666”. If you know anything about the Bible, you know that is the number of the Devil and Satan himself.

I understand that yes, there are some offensive materials, logos, etc. out there, but there is no need to make such an uproar over it. What happened to saying, “I’m offended by this.” and leaving it at that? Or better yet, how about we just grow up and grow some thicker thin? There is no need to get the media involved and starting a huge uproar, including protests to get that item removed or changed.

Shoot, I’m offended by some things but you don’t see me going crazy over it. Do you?

We need to go back to the days where we had thick skin and don’t let the smallest thing bother us. This is the United States of America. We are better than this!

That my friends, is my random rambling for this week.