It’s a sad day here in Virginia.


August 26th.

The day two lives were changed here in Virginia.

My heart hurts and aches for Alison Parker and Adam Ward’s families as the two of them were shot and killed earlier today while doing an interview down at Smith Mountain Lake. What was the shooters motive? Why did it have to happen? Why is stuff like this happening more and more? When will it end?

I’ve been interviewed twice on television and once in the newspaper and all three times I have never felt unsafe.

Right now, it’s just a sad day here in Virginia.

Rest in peace Alison and Adam.


My view on the Redskins name

When I became a Washington Redskins fan in 1998, I don’t recall hearing much about people think the name “Redskins” should be changed. Now, 15 years later, people from all over (President of the United States, fans of other teams, former Redskins players even!) say the name should be changed. It seems like the only people that have an issue with it are haters of the Redskins when it comes to the team, not the name.

To me, I know it has a meaning that isn’t all that terrific but it has a historical significance to it and quite frankly, I don’t have an issue with it. I know people and friends that are Native American and truth be told, they do not have an issue with it either. When looking at the latest poll numbers, still anywhere between 70-80% people in America do NOT have an issue with it. So why has the hate started up so suddenly?

If we were to change the name of the Redskins to something else, other names would have to be changed as well such as the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, and Cleveland Indians. There have been two that have changed their name (that I know of) and they were at the collegiate level; Arkansas State Red Wolves (former Indians) and Miami University-Ohio Redhawks (former Redskins).

Looking over the past 15 years, it seems like once 2008 hit, people complaining about everything and anything has picked up and it is so frustrating.  Was it because Obama was elected and we were in the midst of a recession? Was it because people just couldn’t take anymore shit? What was it? Whatever it was, it has started to upset me. You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing that someone has an issue with something.

Finally, do I think the Redskins will change their name in the future? Not right now; especially with Dan Snyder in charge. He has said over and over again the Redskins will not change their name.

PS: No bias was used in this report. This is all me.

Isn’t a profile picture supposed to be you?

This note is not to offend anyone (GASP!) who has had a rainbow profile picture, using one of those “Straight out of _________” pictures, or something else as a profile picture.

Isn’t a profile picture supposed to be a picture of you and not of something that isn’t you? I understand if you are a little hesitant to show a picture of you, but how are people supposed to add you if either; A, your profile pictures are locked or B, your profile picture is a picture of something that isn’t you.

To those that did the rainbow effect or the new fad to editing your profile picture, that’s cool and all, but you will never catch me doing that. No, I’m not a hater or anything like that. I rather show my support in other ways. If you have a problem with me not showing my support when you know I already do, then you are part of the problem to me.

So yeah, make your profile picture a picture of you. Not some sort of team logo or copyrighted image. If you are ashamed to show a picture of you, just leave it blank.

You can’t win if you don’t play, right?

I’ve been told by multiple people through the years, “You can’t win if you don’t play.” when it comes to the lottery and contests. Truth be told, I want to play, but I never really ever do. Two reasons why. One, there are usually a bunch of other people participating in said contest and two, I have never won a contest. Ever. I have better luck winning in a game used jersey auction or watching other people not show up for a contest and winning that way.

Maybe I’m just being selfish but I don’t like entering contests because I know I won’t win. Even when I know it’s for a small prize and many people aren’t going to enter, I don’t bother because I know I still don’t have a chance.

To those that enter contests and/or play the lottery a lot and win, I say congrats and keep it up. To those that enter contests and never win, keep trying. You never know when that big one will come.

Maybe that’s why I prefer lottery scratchers instead.

Does anyone think anymore?

Do the sayings “Think before you speak”, “Think before you ink”, and “Think before you post” mean anything to you? If so, that’s good. To most of society today, I don’t think it does.

People today want to update their Facebook’s, Twitter accounts, Snapchat, etc etc.. every moment with every little detail that goes on in their lives on a daily basis. Whether that is eating some sort of food, washing their car, going to work, whatever. It gets posted to a social media site.

Now, I’ll admit I used to post like crazy on Facebook (No Twitter for me), but recently, I have cut back on much I post. Why you ask? It’s because my “friends” don’t need to know what is going on every single minute of every single day of my life. If they are truly my friends, they could message or call me and ask what is going on and I could tell them. That and I know that workplaces these days are checking accounts to see what their future employer does outside of work before they get called in for an interview, let alone the first day of the job.

If you ask me, if people were to stop posting pictures and stories on every little thing that happens in their lives, there wouldn’t be so much uproar about what they do in their free time.

Society today needs to stop posting every so often, stay up to date on the news and current events (good or bad), and mostly, think before they post. One day, the items you post on social media can and will most likely come back to bite you where you don’t want it to.