What happened to respect?

I wrote this on my Facebook four years ago today:


In those four years, I can honestly say (and I hope you’ve noticed it too) that bullying has not only continued, but has gotten worse nationwide. If anything, it has also been on an increase because of this upcoming election.

Not only that, but Social Media has turned a lot of us against one another. We are also seeing a bunch of “Keyboard Warriors” out there that think they know everything. When actually, we don’t. If we back off and away from the platform for a bit, we will see that things are a bit different in the real world.

Now, I wasn’t bullied much through school, but when I was, I didn’t think much of it. Yeah there was the occasional person that would give me a hard time, but even then, we would make up and move on.

I don’t understand why we need to bully each other. We are all human and we all have differences. That is what makes each and every one of unique. So what if someone has a different religion, different political beliefs, different favorite sports teams, and mostly, different race? We need to accept that and move on. If we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place.

I grew up respecting everyone no matter what…and so should you. Teach that to your kids. Teach that to your coworkers. Teach that to your family. Mostly, pass it on.


Why working 40 hours isn’t enough.

While looking at my calendar, it tells me I have worked seven of the last nine Friday’s. To a normal person, that isn’t a big deal. When it is me and my schedule, Friday’s are supposed to be my day off.

Why? I work four ten hour shifts at my job, Monday through Thursday.

So why have I worked so many Friday’s and not used them as a normal day off?

It’s because even with my pay where it is, it won’t get me very far. I’m still paying back my student loans and there are bills that also get a bit high as well. Oh and also, what would I really be doing on a Friday night when I’m not working? I have no girlfriend and no kids.

This is also the norm for a lot of Americans today as their job pay isn’t that high and they are working a lot of overtime themselves, or even getting a second job, to make ends meet. This is because our minimum wage will not go up, or if it does, it goes up very slowly and it will just depend on the state.

Of course, any raise has its consequences. As pay goes up, so do the goods and services people rely on so much. Oh and don’t forget your bills. What would be a simple $30 bill for something could turn into $50 or higher.

The next time you hear about someone complaining or wanting a higher wage, tell them that really isn’t the best option.

Another one? You’re kidding, right?

As I got home from work early this morning, I heard that another plane had gone missing. Now it sounds like it crashed into the Mediterranean Sea instead.

I don’t get it. How are countries letting “terrorists” aboard these planes and letting them take control of an aircraft? Maybe it is just me, but if I were head of their Air Traffic Control or whatever they call them, I would be stricter on who can and can’t fly. There are too many terror groups out there ranging from ISIS to Boko Haram.

Too many flights are going missing, crashing, or something to an extreme like that. If we were to find a way to prevent these from happening, the travel world would be a much safer place. Until then, these events will continue to keep happening and instead of getting better, it will get worse. There really isn’t a whole lot that can be done, but in reality, like previously mentioned, it just comes down to the government or ATC of a country.

Of course, if you are someone like me who suffers from anxiety, this makes it act up some. It not only doesn’t make you uneasy, but it also makes wonder why.

Right now, we can just hope that something changes…and soon.

You have a friend in me.

Miss Alma

Disclaimer: we are not boyfriend and girlfriend so please get that out of your system. It could happen, but we are taking it slow. Shocking, I know.

When someone unexpectedly enters your life, it is usually the best thing out there right? Well, that happened to me three months ago.

On a snowy and icy day here in Virginia, I did a random Instagram search like I normally do and I stumbled upon a profile of a young lady talking about how she uploaded a video and she was thanking her fans for all her support.

Basically, I said she was an awesome individual and left at that. I had no idea who this person was, but I thought it would be nice to leave a message on her post. The next morning, she responded back to my comment and I decided to send her a direct message and take a chance we could talk some more.

What happened next is something neither one of us saw coming.

In those three months since then, we have gotten to know each other very well and we have some extreme trust in one another despite some major differences. I may have a chipped front tooth in my smile and she may have spina bifida, but damn it, we don’t care about that. She may be Hispanic and from Mexico, and I’m American and from Virginia, but that makes no difference to us. We want people to know that two different races like that can be very good friends.

We also like to say that finding each other was luck, but it could also come close to being a miracle.

The true test happens in the near future; sometime this summer, I will be going to Chicago and I will be visiting her. Just a forewarning to you guys now, she and I will be shutting down Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text messaging, etc. while I am out there. We are going back to the days before smart phones and we will be getting to know each other the old fashion way.

Alma, this is the surprise I had for you. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. You make me happy every day we talk. It doesn’t matter if I’m ranting on about work or if you are telling me something you did with your family, I will always enjoy talking with you. Even if it is brief and if we are both in a hurry.

For those that want to follow Alma’s story, visit her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/AlmasSoul or on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/almaguerreroguerrero.

I Love A Rainy Night.

If you know your music, you know that comes from one Eddie Rabbitt.

It’s been raining here in Virginia almost every day (even if it is brief) since the beginning of the month. It has since helped take out the fire that was burning in Shenandoah National Park and it is getting us back to where we should be for a yearly average. It is also a good thing we are getting all this rain too because I don’t know how much we will see over the summer.

I know it is supposed to be a La Nina year with more hurricanes, but along the east coast, hurricanes either run parallel with the coast or make more of an impact along the Gulf coast. We will see what happens though.

However, there are some places in North America that could probably use it a bit more than us right now. I know California and parts of the west coast could use it as they are going through what is considered one of their worst droughts in many years. Even though they already had their wet season, it didn’t do enough to lessen the drought out there much, if at all.

The place that could really use all this rain is up in Fort McMurray in Alberta. Right now, that area is going through the worst wildfire ever. It seems like it is getting worse before it is getting better. The area has been evacuated, houses are going up in flames, and people are losing more than their hometown at this point. It is so heartbreaking looking at all the photos from there.

Just remember as it is raining, you could be going through a drought or have a wildfire in your backyard.

Don’t forget us!

With warmer weather arriving soon for most of the United States, people will start taking their children and pets out with them as they go along their day.

However, there is one problem with all of this.

All too often, people will go into a store for either five minutes or two hours and forget about their children and pets inside of a hot vehicle. What good is it if you bring either one and then forget about them. Temperatures inside a vehicle can soar well over 130 degrees even if it is really brief.

I know Walmart has posted a picture at their entrances asking people if they have everything out of their car before they enter the store. I would love to see more places do this around the nation. If anyone knows any other stores doing this, let me know.

I also believe that if anyone were to do this, they should have the right to bash in the windows to rescue the said pets or children and then the owner(s) of that said vehicle should have to pay the consequences with the police.

In recap, just remember all of your belongings before you enter a store and don’t forget about anything or anyone.

Money. Money everywhere.

You thought I would be passing out money, didn’t you Squidward?

This post will be talking about how some people are planning on “boycotting” the $20 bill once it changes by 2020.

Their reasons are simple, yet silly at the same time:

  1. There is going to be a woman on them.
  2. Society thinks only a President should be on money.

Let’s explore these reasons shall we?

  • There is going to be a woman on them.

Harriet Tubman is going to be on them and that is enough for people to say that they will not spend them. How many of these “protesters” actually know who she is? A lot of them will tell you they don’t or they just don’t care. Ms. Tubman was probably one of the greatest human beings during the Civil War.

She helped slaves go from the south into the north via the Underground Railroad. She was one of the main leaders of it and not only that, she did a lot of work after the Civil War. She wasn’t a bad person, unlike president Andrew Jackson who currently sits on the $20 bill.

  • Society thinks only a President should be on money.

Okay, news flash. There are countries all over the world that do not this. I understand that it is good to be different, but this is where research really comes into play.

There are three denominations of currency here in the United States that do not feature a former President on them. They are the $10, $100, and $10,000. The $10 has Secretary of Treasuries’ own Alexander Hamilton on it, the $100 has inventor and innovator Benjamin Franklin on it, and the $10,000 has Secretary of Treasuries’ own Salmon P. Chase on it. None of these guys were President. Ever.

To me, I think people trying to “boycott” and “protest” the $20 is silly. For those that do, I’ll gladly take your money.

Alone in thoughts.

If there is one thing out there that I can not stand about myself, it is that I hate being alone in my thoughts.

I know I am not the only one who thinks this.

I hate being alone in my thoughts because when I am, my mind starts racing and I think about everything and anything.

I get told to stay calm or to calm down, but a lot of times that only makes it worse.

I tell people that it is not my fault I have bad anxiety and they brush it is off like it is nothing. It doesn’t help any when it runs in the family as well.

Sometimes I wish I had more people to talk to about these issues. Maybe it is the fact I like talking a lot, because when I do get quiet, it can be a bad thing.