Patience. Something we all need to have.

The other night while I was at work and listening to the radio feed of my coworkers calling the desk to get some information, it came to my attention that a lot of them don’t really have patience. They would call for the person there three, sometimes more before she would answer and truthfully, it got a little annoying hearing them call her out after the second time. Especially when they do it really quick after the first time doesn’t go through.

Now, I’m not that patient myself, but I’ve learned to wait a minute or two before I call for the same person again or someone different in the same function.

I feel like society as a whole is losing its patience. We want everything and we want it now. Whether it be food, an order online, the internet, etc. we want it as quick as we can get it. If we were to slow down, enjoy life, and let everything come to us in time, we wouldn’t have to be in such a rushy mood now do we?

So, with that being said, let’s relax a little and enjoy what life has to offer.



I’m sorry, what?

Note: The following blog post has been rated “T” for truthful.

I have never been more hurt, shocked, and in utter disbelief after reading a news article. If you have not heard, a New York Times journalist said that “God Bless America” should be put to the side and never played again at a MLB game. Here is a direct link to the NY Daily News article if you haven’t already read it. This is from the same guy who had an issue with firing a weapon.

I’m sorry, what?

You claim that 61% of fans don’t want it being played at a game, but in reality though, who did you ask? Mets and Yankees fans? Sir, I hate to break it to you, but last time I checked, I didn’t really find anyone who had a problem with that song. Especially in markets such as Baltimore, Washington, San Diego, Boston, and yes, even New York.

I understand that America is struggling as a whole, but a song like that is what keeps the country going. It warms our hearts, makes us feel good, and gives us something to cheer about. It brings the country come together as one as well; same with the Star Spangled Banner.

Where else can you go in this world and have as many freedoms and choices as we do? as time I checked, not too many, if at all.

While you are entitled to your opinion, I respectfully disagree Mr. Kuntzman. That song should make you feel proud to be an American. If you can’t stand beside her like the song says, then I highly advise you to find somewhere else to go.

God Bless America. She may have her issues, but there is no place I rather be. Have a great Independence Day Weekend everyone.