What in the world Mr. President?

Is it just me or are you starting to get fed up with what Mr. President is saying? Don’t get me wrong here, he has done decently (not well) so far in office, but there are some items that are just getting under my skin.

I feel like he is rambling on a lot of times and not only that, just some of his speeches and accusations aren’t true. What in the world Mr. President? I understand not everyone will get along with you or believe what you say, but come on now. You are much smarter than that.

I know it’s not just me that sees this. Having a President without any prior background in politics was a bad idea from the start.

Hopefully this country learns from that and won’t make the same mistake in three years.

Toughen up Mr. President, do your job, and stop calling out people that don’t agree with you. You said you will make “America Great Again” and I’m waiting for that.


My fellow bloggers.

My fellow bloggers.

It is now a sad time here in the United States. President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order saying that refugees from certain African and Middle Eastern countries will not be allowed to enter the country and will be detained if they try and do so.

This makes me really sad, angry, and depressed. We are all immigrants one way or another in this wonderful country I call home. I understand there are some word wide terrorist groups that we have to watch out for, but what happened to letting different people from all over the world visit and maybe someday live here?

Maybe it’s just me, but I love when people from all over the world visit. I love talking with them, learning their cultures, and telling them why I love here.

All I can say is; President Trump, let these people in!

God Bless America.

Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of hearing people say that Cousins should leave DC. All I am going to ask is; if he does, who do you want as his replacement? I’ve heard outrageous remarks from Tony Romo to Colt McCoy to RG3 to Nate Sudfeld.

I’m sorry, but right now Captain Kirk is the best quarterback the Redskins have had since either Jason Campbell or Patrick Ramsey or if you really want to go far back; Mark Rypien. The reason why all three left is not because they couldn’t win the big games, but because they just couldn’t stay healthy. That isn’t a problem with Kirk Cousins last time I heard and/or checked.

While Cousins may struggle at times, all quarterbacks tend to. have a bad game or two. Oh and while we are at it, let’s put some of the blame on some other players for him having a bad game or two. Oh and how about that horrible defense? That cost the Redskins a few games too.

If Cousins does leave, I will not be just angry at them for letting a really good player go, but I will laugh at them each and every time they finish below 500 for the season.

What do you think?

Why I didn’t say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year on social media.

You may find this opinion piece unpopular and that is okay. I do this blog not because I have to, but because I want to.

Now that Christmas and New Year’s have came and went, I can get this piece of information out.

Do you know why I didn’t wish anyone a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year on social media? It’s because I have friends, colleagues, etc, that don’t celebrate either one. On the Christmas side, they either celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or they don’t even celebrate it at all. As for New Year’s, some people could either care less that it is the New Year, or help take part in Chinese New Year. Remember, the Gregorian calendar is the one you look to for New Years.

I’m not being politically correct, I’m just looking out for other people in other backgrounds who may find it offensive that we don’t include them in their celebrations.

There is a reason why we say Happy Holidays now and not just Merry Christmas.

Brief absence..

I know I haven’t written lately, but never fear, I’m still here.

My physical health is okay, and my mental health is meh.

Starting with my mental health; I have seen a therapist for the past month to two months. It helps some, but there are times I still have issues. For an example, I almost had a panic attack at work one night as one of my top leaders started asking me all these questions and every time I didn’t know an answer or gave an answer he didn’t like, he just shrugged it off. What made it worse is that he did it unexpectedly too. A few nights after that, I had an anxiety attack as I was talking to a friend about it. I was rapidly breathing, my heart was racing, and there were moments where I almost couldn’t breathe. Since then, I have had another anxiety attack, but that one I was able to calm myself down.

As for my physical health; I still have my lingering shoulder pain from when I hurt it in our softball tournament back in August. I still have a bad knee that has plagued me since high school and I know is falling apart on me. I also think I have a strained neck that has brought me down a few times at work because the pain has been bad. I also have a bigger concern. My heart has been giving me some issues at times. There are times where my beats per minute is in the 80-90 range and then all of the sudden it jumps up to near 120-130+. Not only that, my oxygen saturation level drops off and it worries me because there are times I can’t breathe.

So yeah, how are you doing?

Happy Thanksgiving.

So, I would post something long and sappy being Thanksgiving and how thankful for all of you in my life…

…but I won’t.

Instead, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Please remember also to think about the ones who can’t be here whether they are members of your family, friends, or our troops overseas.

To my friends on here who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (or had it earlier in the year), I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Tattoo? Maybe? Eh?



This is an idea I had the other night while I was at work. The only thing I would do differently is make the Commonwealth (or state) of Virginia blue, but keep the semicolon orange.

Why orange and blue? Because the University of Virginia is and was my first love when it comes to college sports. Why the outline of Virginia? Because it is my home. Why do both? Because that way when I’m struggling, I can look at it and know that I’ve been through hell and back AND I have my home state watching over me in case I do mess up.

What do you think? I like this idea. I just need to get it done. Tattoo? Maybe? Eh?

I’m worried.

As I’m watching the news last night and into this morning and when it looked more and more likely that Mr. Trump was going to win, my anxiety started to creep up on me some.


It’s because I know a lot of people that are illegal immigrants (but have their green card and work permit), struggle through the same issues I have, and are part of the LGBTQ community.

I’m worried about all of them because; that medication used that I take for my anxiety and depression will sky rocket, I’m worried for my friends that are part of the LGBTQ community because either a lot of them have partners or are already married, and a lot of people that I work with and other friends will end up having to leave the  nation.

It’s a sad day in America. But then I remember also, everyone made a fuss eight years ago after Obama was elected and that turned out to be not too bad. Maybe something will happen with Mr. Trump? Like they say, the first one hundred days are the biggest ones to a President.

Please DO NOT leave political comments here. Thank you.

Election Day. My favorite day.

What is your favorite day of the year that is not your birthday or some major holiday?

Mine is Election Day. Why?

It is the one day of the year where we get to make our voices heard across our state/commonwealth and across the nation. It is the one day where we get to release our feelings finally and then hope and pray for the best.

As the results get ready to come in a few hours, I am interested to see how this turns out and see where we go as a nation from here.

To those that unfriended friends and family because of this election, I hope you guys learned that it is okay to have different opinions than your own. Not only that, but you should never discuss politics with friends and family. For me, I make mine brief if I were to bring it up.

Buckle up America. It’s going to be a fun ride.

This post is unbiased towards any candidate and is not endorsing anyone. Please make your own decision.

Just my life…

If there is anything that describes me, it would be this.

Every day I go to work, live my life, and do everything I can to make others happy. Most of the time, I forget about my own needs and when the time comes that I need some help, I don’t get a lot of it, or any at all. Of course, when you are like me and have anxiety and depression, this doesn’t usually go too well.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I do feel lonely at times and it makes me sad that there are not a lot of people I can turn to because most don’t know how to deal with it or say the wrong thing to irritate me.

I know the last few days I’ve felt a bit down and upset, but I still put on a happy face for everyone. I just have to learn to be more honest with myself…and to others.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone is having a great day.